The skilled team of marketing and advertising professionals at Marketing Plus One has over 50 years of experience in developing and executing marketing plans for small to mid-sized business throughout New Jersey and New York. Our approach to your marketing needs is comprehensive. As your marketing and consulting partner, we will build a strategic plan that will help you maximize potential.

In today’s highly competitive world of business, a company based solely on budget-oriented planning or forecast-based planning will not survive the trials and tribulations each firm must go through in order to prosper and grow. In today’s environment a company needs a base, a foundation if you will, what is that foundation. In simple enough terms that foundation is a Strategic Plan. One that is highly involved not only with the management aspect of a firm, but also the all-important Marketing areas of the company.

Why would YOU need a Strategic Plan? Is a Strategic Marketing Plan something YOU should worry about? Isn’t this something that only an executive team or the top leaders of your company should worry about? You can answer these questions yourself; all three depend on your motivation to succeed. Still in doubt to whether or not you need a Strategic Plan? Well let’s make it a little easier; if any one of the following scenarios is true, then the answer to this question is YES, You need a Strategic Plan.


  • You have taken on a proposal to produce breakthrough results for your firm, and you are a part of the team or the leader of the proposal.

  • Your firm is performing poorly in critical areas for business success (operating costs, sales, product growth, etc.), and you have been asked to help improve this concern.

  • You need to prioritize a limited amount of investment dollars between various Marketing Strategies (the firm can’t do everything).

  • You have been asked to set short and long-term goals for your organization in key performance areas.


Now, who can help you to create this Strategic Plan? Who can help make Your Firm Grow? Who can offer Cures to Marketing and Sales Problems? Where can you find the help you need to increase your firms current marketing effectiveness? The answer to all these questions is in three simple words “MARKETING PLUS ONE” for the last twenty five years we have specialized in developing marketing plans for 100’s of small and medium sized companies . We specialize in every aspect of the Marketing process, from logo design, commercial printing, to our extensive expertise in Internet Marketing. Our team is committed to the success of your business in all areas of Marketing.


Contact Marketing Plus One for a business consultation and learn more about how we can build a business plan that integrates traditional marketing with new technologies to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.