One of the most important elements of any Direct Marketing campaign is properly defining and effectively reaching your targeted audience. Dynamic creative designs and concepts along with strong copy are of limited value, if the message does not reach the right prospect at the right time.

Partnering with Adams Addressing a full service direct mail company, gives Marketing Plus One and its clients complete leverage to assist  with every aspect of your direct marketing campaign.


We are able to increase your effectiveness of each mailing by:

  • Pinpointing and mapping out your specific markets

  • Providing up-to-date, computerized residential mailing lists that can be presorted by name or address with demographic selectivity( i.e. income level,  age, or geography)

  • Supplying clean business lists by S.I.C. code and geographic area.

  • Specializing in presorted mail to reduce postage cost.

  • Providing clients with tremendous postal discounts without having to buy, maintain and operate the necessary software and equipment.


Over the past 25 years Marketing Plus One has become a renowned marketing and consulting firm. Integrating traditional marketing methods with internet marketing strategies, is what separates the team of marketing professionals at Marketing Plus with other companies.We have a proven track record of successful campaigns that incorporate direct marketing with internet marketing.  Our business has specialized in direct marketing for it’s entire existence. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t work. Our goal is to make sure that your investments in marketing are a success, because if you succeed then we succeed. Our clients pose several questions during their initial meeting with our firm. These questions are the foundation of our firm and our involvement with direct marketing.


1. What is Direct Marketing?

A manufacturer or owner takes out an ad in magazine or newspaper. A consumer sees the advertisement and calls to either order the product or, more likely, to make an inquiry. The firm sends literature, and then the customer places an order. Simple. Lots of business sales are direct.

Another example of this can be seen every Sunday when you receive the newspaper. A brochure from Toys R’ Us™ or Best Buy™ is an example of direct marketing, a postcard in the mail describing a grand opening and even a book of listings for a specific object or event such as Weddings and Bar Mitzvah’s; are all forms of direct marketing.


What is a good response to a mailing?

Many customers want to know what kind of success they should expect from a mailing or advertisement. Most people want to have numbers presented such as a 10% – 20% response to the money they just spent. If you are looking for a percentage response then you are looking at the wrong aspect.

Your company could be offering a free pass to a spa for a customer to simply come out and test drive a new car model. This may translate into a 90% response to the ad but a 0% in car sales. People come out with no interest to purchase a car but simply to get a trip to a day spa at your expense. If you are offering a free brochure about your $300,000 steamroller, response can be .003%—but if one roller is sold, the mailing is a success.

A successful mailing is any mailing that breaks even or better the first time out. This first mailing is a learning experience from this mailing; the chances of having a better response the second time are very good. If a percentage is still an important factor a good way to figure it out is to say, my company will break even with a 1% – 2% response. This way your next mailing can be geared more towards the areas that generated the response.


2. What does Marketing Plus One offer that other companies don’t?


We have years of experience marketing and promoting businesses with creative and cost effective advertising plans. Our relationships have been built up for the last twenty-five years, so that we can get your business into markets most firms’ only dream of having access too. Unlike most of these companies we have an extensive history in the marketing and consulting aspects of business. Our products have extended beyond the basic postcards and catalogs we can help move your company into the new age of direct marketing with e-mail mailings, Virtual tours, CD Rom brochures, and Power Point presentations. We know what WORKS and we can make it WORK for YOU and your business.


Giving your business the tools to successfully market and promote your services is what we’re all about.


“ The customer is the immediate jewel of our souls. Him we flatter, him we feast, compliment, vote for, and not contradict.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.